Perseverance Pays Off!

When Jeff and I started working together in October of 2015, he really wanted a job.  He had work experience but was not happy at his previous place of employment.  While we were looking for a job together, he was volunteering at the non-profit organization, Hanover Humane Society.  He’s an animal lover and wanted to work for them, however, at the time, there was not an open position that would be a good fit for Jeff, so he kept volunteering and working with me to apply for other positions.   

Jeff is very personable and well spoken— interviewing is one of his strengths!  As we looked for employment, nothing seemed to fit as well as his love of working with animals.  Finally, after keeping a close eye out for an opening, the Hanover Humane Society needed to hire a person and brought him on the team!

Some of Jeff’s duties include maintenance like cleaning the kennels, sweeping, and using the power washer, which we both had to figure out together!  He occasionally walks and grooms the dogs during his shifts.  The Hanover Humane Society is very accommodating to Jeff, allowing him to have a flexible schedule.  Monthly tasks are assigned to Jeff which we organize together during my Follow Along visits.  We make sure that Jeff is using equipment that is not only effective for the job at hand, but is also accommodating to Jeff’s abilities. For instance, when he is tasked with scrubbing the floors, he will use a scrub brush with a long handle, in order to have more leverage and not have to bend over as often.  The Hanover Humane Society is very flexible and really enjoys having him there, as he continues to be an asset!  

So much of what we do at The Choice Group has to do with perseverance. Finding opportunities like Jeff did, by capitalizing on his volunteer work, made him a top candidate for hire when the time was right!  Networking and building a resume is a huge part of finding an enjoyable job.  Jeff and I worked together all the while seeking out new opportunities and it paid off! 

Angela Volkening
Vocational Counselor


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