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Movie Lover, Quanita, Finds Work At A Local Movie Theatre

Rachel McGregor, Vocational Counselor, was serving the Hampton Roads area when Quanita became her client in 2014. Quanita works at a local movie theatre in the area and has been an employee there since 2013. After Quanita graduated from Project SEARCH in 2013 she began looking for a job that would fit the skills she had learned while working at the hospital during her internship. Her tasks at the movie theatre include following a task list to determine which theatres to clean after showings, maintaining the restrooms and keeping the lobby area up to par for guests. Quanita is very reliable, and will pick up any shift she is asked to work. She also has a lot of energy and can work on her feet for long periods of time. Quanita is very independent and lives close to work so she is able to walk if she is unable to find a ride.  Obstacles Quanita has overcome in her position include limiting her socializing and identifying professional work boundaries. Quanita is very friendly an

Project SEARCH Norfolk Interns Visit City of Norfolk Resources

Pictured here are our Project SEARCH Norfolk Interns on their visit to various City of Norfolk resources during their workshop week. This helps the interns become more familiar with what services are out there for them as they are entering adulthood and the workforce. They have just finished their 2nd internship and will be starting their 3rd internship in the next week! We are so proud of all of the work they have done and everything they have accomplished thus far during their internship. Vocational Counselor, Rachel McGregor, shared this photo of the interns in-front of one of the buildings they visited and has had the pleasure of working with each one of them along their journey.