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Virginia Rehabilitation Association Golf Tournament

Recently, the 16th Annual Virginia Rehabilitation Association Benjy Burnett Memorial Golf Tournament was held and we were so happy to have a team participating for such a great cause. Proceeds of this tournament go towards VRA's educational programs for rehabilitation professionals as well as services for people with disabilities.

Ayeisha Johnson, A Choice Group Success Story!

Early in Ayeisha’s life, when first beginning a new career in New York City, she had big
responsibilities.  She was in charge of the printing department at a major company, using creativity and technical know how to problem solve solutions for those within her company.  She got things

     Because of a stroke Ayeisha suffered in her twenties, she incurred a brain injury which caused Hemi-Paresis.  Hemi-Paresis left her without the use of the dominant side of her body, meaning that even simple tasks had to be re-learned.  After the brain injury, Ayeisha moved to Richmond to be closer to her family.

     When Pam first started working with Ayeisha, it seemed that office work would be her best fit
considering her previous responsibilities.  When starting employment at Feed More Inc. her
responsibilities included a lot of computer and phone work.

     “Sometimes it’s hard to place a person with a disability into clerical work, because it involves so
much, but [Ayeisha} is not …

The Disability Inclusion Movement Affects You

At The Choice Group, we always strive for inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. There are so many benefits gained by including diverse groups of people in this field, the studies are overwhelming.  Yet, there still seems to be a stigma held by employers on hiring a person with a disability.
This article by Shanna Belott really outlines how everyone is affected by this "sector of our population," and how we can change for the better!

Think the Disability Inclusion Movement Isn't About You? Think Again Twenty-five years ago, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), ushered in a new era of opportunity and expectation for people with disabilities. But this landmark legislation paved just the start of the civil rights struggle for those with disabilities, particularly developmental disabilities. The next phase of the battle is changing hearts and minds.  Sixty million Americans live with some form of disability, including disability acquired by aging. Tha…

The Amazing Race

Dear Friends and Supporters of Community Brain Injury Services,
We have about 8 hours left in the Amazing Raise.  If you have not made a donation yet to support our services for survivors of brain injury, please consider taking a moment to do so.   The services we provide through our case management and Clubhouse programs provide hope, opportunity, and support for hundreds of survivors and their family members each year.   Yet, it is still not enough. Right now, over 70 survivors and families sit on our urgent waiting lists for our critical services. I would like to ask for you to step up right now and make a donation for our services through the Amazing Raise, so we can continue to serve the intense demand for our services as quickly as possible.  
Donating is really easy. Just click here:   Donate Now to support CBIS in The Amazing Raise Make your donation before 6pm today to support us in The Amazing Raise.
On behalf of Community Brain Injury Services, and the survivors of brain injury …

Technology and Innovation Increases Accessibility

What is so amazing about this article and so any others that we’ve come across is exactly that, the quantity!  There are so many events that we hear about facilitating creativity and technology to help people with disabilities.  This article by Christina Farr is about finding solutions to everyday tasks that may prove challenging with the use of crutches or wheelchairs.  Technology can broaden the scope of ability and accessibility for people that rely on them, ultimately achieving more and more through innovation and colaboration.  

Techies and People With Disabilities Team Up for ‘Makeathon’ Corbett O’Toole wants to disrupt the wheelchair.
I met O’Toole, a disability rights advocate, last Friday at a bustling maker space in downtown San Francisco. TechShop, a do-it-yourself workshop crammed with tools and equipment, was hosting a 72-hour “makeathon” for teams to develop assistive technology alongside people with disabilities.
And O’Toole’s idea is to rig up a wheelchair that can…

Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact

This month, JAN, the Job Accommodations Network, released the findings of a study they conducted beginning in 2004.  JAN is a service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy of the U.S. Department of Labor.  Interviewing over 2,000 employers, the JAN report covers a range of industry sectors and sizes.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act and regulations from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission refocused attention on workplace accommodations by broadening the definition of disability.  In interviewing employers, the study found that cost of accommodations was a concern of employers, however, the study showed that workplace accommodations are not only low cost but positively impacts the workplace in many ways. 
     These are their main findings:
1.  Employers want to provide accommodations so they can retain valued and qualified employees
2.  Most employers report no cost or low cost for accommodating employees with disabilities.
3. Employers re…

10 Years of Employment; A Choice Group Success Story

This year marks the 10th anniversary of a Choice Group client at her present employer, U-Haul.
For the purpose of this story, we will call her Laura.

     Laura is in her early fifties, and while U-Haul is not her first job, it is where she’s found a home.
To mark the occasion, she is receiving a ring engraved with the words “Virtuous, Valiant, Victorious,” and in another 5 years can receive a stone to be placed in the ring.  This is a wonderful honor for
Laura and has been accomplished in a joint effort between her and her counselor at The Choice
Group, Pam.

     Pam has been involved with Laura during 10 years of her employment at U-Haul.  Having worked with The Choice Group for so long, many members of The Choice Group staff has interacted with
the client and are recipients of annual Christmas cards from Laura.  She loves staying in contact with
everyone that’s been involved with her success.

     Some of Laura’s responsibilities at the U-Haul Storage Center are cleaning ou…

9 Tips for Working with People Who Are Blind

An article recently written by Jim Denham, "9 Essential Tips for Working with People who are Blind" on expresses what The Choice Group has often said about working with people with various disabilities.  Often times, the solution to making the workplace accessible for people with disabilities is a simple one.

Nine essential tips for working with people who are blind

With more people who are visually impaired in today’s workforce, following these simple do’s and don'ts is smart business etiquette

It’s not difficult to work with people who are blind.

In fact, if you have coworkers who are visually impaired, or if your job takes you to companies with employees who are blind, following some simple guidelines will make your interactions more respectful and productive. While some of these suggestions may seem like basic common sense, others may not be so obvious.

DO identify yourself when initiating a conversation. You shouldn’t assume the person will re…