Pauline and the Great Valu Family!

Pauline Jackson has been a Deli Clerk at Great Valu in Wakefield, VA for three years now this June. When I first met Pauline, she was not confidence in herself even though she was clearly super capable. I was new at TCG and she was one of my first job placements. At first, when she mastered job duties at the job, she was nervous of me fading.  But, once she realized she was okay on her own, things steadily got better and better. She's now completely independent. I continue to monitor her progress, through monthly Follow Along services and always check with her manager to ensure stability.

Pauline assists customers with deli orders and also does some cooking and food prep.  She is one of the sweetest people I know. She always has a smile on her face, and she has a great sense of humor! Her direct manager always says every single month what a joy and pleasure it is to work with her.

Great Valu is a family business/grocery store run by Tom and Wendy Garrett, and David and Andrew are managers there. Andrew is Pauline’s direct manager. They are all amazingly supportive and Great Valu is a wonderful family run business in Wakefield. It is a great grocery store as well. Since Pauline was hired, they did remodeling and have expanded, and they have an excellent selection and variety. It is definitely one of the best places to get groceries in the area.

Pauline loves her job.  I once asked her what the job has brought the most for her, she said it helped her maintain a good standard of living. She also agreed with me that it has boosted her confidence greatly. When we reminisced about her fear of working independently of a job coach, we both had a good laugh about it!

Nancy McNamara
Lead Vocational Counselor


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