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Anthony and His Accomplishments

Anthony Lane was one of Nancy McNamara’s first clients upon starting her employment with The Choice Group almost sixyears ago. Anthony was transferred to Nancy while receivingfollow-along services from Ericka Neville, her manager at The Choice Group. Anthony and Nancy have been working together since April of 2013 after Ericka found him a job working at a local Walmart. Anthony interviewed at the Walmart in Franklin and was hired immediately. They loved how friendly and personable Anthony was and found him to be a perfect fit for their store! Anthony is very easy-going and always focused on the task at hand. He looks for additional work after he completes each task because he likes to stay ahead of the game. Anthony’s coworkers often comment on how reliable and helpful he is. He works well with others on his team and is always there to lend a helping hand. Anthony does what is expected of him and his managers speak very highly of him. Nancy monitors Anthony’s work stability and a

Sports enthusiast Austin finds full-time work among the Athletes

Rachel Brand began working with Austin Cicero one year ago, although, Austin has been with his current employer since April of 2013. Austin completed three internships through Project SEARCH Williamsburg that allowed him to explore his interests and ultimately lead him to his current position. Austin is organized, friendly and an all-around team player which are perfect skills for his position as an equipment assistant for William and Mary Athletics. Austin works hard to remember all of the staff and players by name and always brings a cheerful smile with him to work.  When Austin became full-time he had to learn many additional duties which Rachel was able to assist him in learning. Austin quickly learned all of his new duties and excelled in them. Being such a positive influence he was invited to be a guest speaker at the Project SEARCH graduation in 2017. This was a huge achievement and honor for him! Austin is a testament to the program’s success as he has been happily employed

Samantha, the girl on fire with a passion to do her best!

Rachel McGregor began working with Samantha Hasty in the summer of 2017 where she found work at a local navy base. Samantha started working with her current employer in the summer of last year. Samantha’s job tasks include w iping down tables, working in the dish room, interacting with guests, putting away clean dishes away, and maintain the dining area on the naval base. Samantha has made some major achievements working in her position including receiving a customer service award from her employer as well as gaining  independence and confidence.  Samantha has such a outgoing and friendly personality. Working in an atmosphere like the naval base allows her to communicate with many different people in a day. She is able to socialize and enjoy herself while working hard.  Samantha began participating in Project SEARCH where she completed 3 internships in 3 different areas and discovered that she had a passion for food services. Samantha also took a cooking class to continue to l

Friendship at the shipyard: Robert and Tyzeek's story

Robert and Tyzeek, friends and coworkers!  Rachel McGregor  began working with Tyzeek Gadson beginning in the summer of 2015 and Robert Sanchez the summer of 2011. Tyzeek has currently been employed loading navy ships with supplies going on 2 years and Robert for 5 years. Both clients began their employment search with an interest in materials management and completed internships in materials management while in Project SEARCH. Both Tyzeek and Robert excel in different aspects of their jobs because their strengths differ. Tyzeek is very strong physically and is able to lift a lot of heavy material, whereas Robert has good attention to detail and his visual and auditory skills help him to understand the process of loading the ships efficiently. Although, both young men work together to get the job done and support each other every step of the way.  Both Tyzeek and Robert overcame obstacles during their time at Project SEARCH that helped them find their place in th