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Empowering Success: Richard's Journey to Employment

Dedication, perseverance, and a supportive community are at the heart of every success story. For Richard Corliss, his journey towards meaningful employment has been nothing short of remarkable, thanks to the unwavering support of Rita Dee, his dedicated counselor at The Choice Group. Corliss, a valued member of our program, found employment in the Child Nutrition Services Department of the local school system six years ago. Since 2018, Rita Dee has been by his side, guiding him through each step of his employment journey. One of the first decisions Rita and Richard made together was pinpointing the ideal job for him. Despite having numerous options available, Richard was keenly interested in working in an elementary school cafeteria. Leveraging Richard's strengths, including his remarkable stamina and passion for food service, Rita helped him secure a position that aligned perfectly with his skills and interests. However, like any journey, Richard's path to success wasn't

Unleashing Potential: Drew Clemens' Rise to Success

  At the core of every triumph lies a narrative of perseverance, evolution, and the steadfast guidance of committed experts. For Drew Clemens, his path to professional satisfaction has been shaped by the unwavering aid of Meredith Brickhouse, his counselor here at The Choice Group. Since 2020, Meredith has been working closely with Drew, providing personalized support to help him thrive in his employment journey. Drew, a valued member of our program, found meaningful employment at a local hospital, where he excelled in his role as a mentor to interns. Drew's strengths have played a pivotal role in his success in his position. Known for his patience, focus, and dedication, Drew embodies the qualities of an exemplary mentor. His ability to guide and support interns through their professional development has earned him recognition and respect within the hospital community. Since starting his position, Drew has achieved notable milestones, including being awarded Employee of the Year—a

Navigating Medicaid Benefits While Working - Colin’s Journey with The Choice Group

The world of employment can often bring challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining essential benefits while pursuing work opportunities. Colin's experience with The Choice Group sheds light on how dedicated support can help individuals overcome these obstacles with practical guidance and assistance. Colin's connection with The Choice Group began in 2019, as he started his journey towards a fulfilling career with support from services provided by the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS). Amidst the intricacies of securing and maintaining employment, Colin encountered the need to navigate his Medicaid benefits while actively working—a task that can be overwhelming without proper guidance. A crucial part of Colin's journey was working with a Benefits Counselor from The Choice Group. They helped him understand how his job wouldn't affect his Medicaid coverage, which was vital for his medical needs. As Colin moved from being a cashier to an IT app