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Heather and Rita Dee celebrate nearly a decade of client success

Rita Dee, one of The Choice Group counselors in Hampton Roads, has been working with her client, Heather, for more than five years. Throughout those years, Rita has had the pleasure of seeing Heather succeed in her role at the public library. Heather has been working with the public library for eight years now. During her time there, she has experienced a remarkable improvement in her confidence and comfort levels. Heather was recently honored with the 2022 Customer Service Award and received a promotion to Librarian Assistant 1. When determining what jobs would be a good fit for Heather, Rita focused on Heather’s interests. Even though Heather can be reserved at times, she has excellent customer service skills and truly loves books. In her role at the library, Heather takes care of general tasks, with Rita regularly checking in for encouragement and support. If you want to learn more about our programs, clients, and counselors, visit our  website.