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A Work Day “Gone to the Dogs”

  Counselor Christy Stegman’s client, Mike, is a full-time K-9 coach in a big dog playroom.  Although he is a client of The Choice Group, Mike landed this job on his own and went through job coaching alongside Christy after he was hired.  In his role, Mike is responsible for the cleaning, general handling, and nap times for 20 large dogs. During his employment, Mike has grown knowledgeable about each dog and their unique behavioral cues and works hard to familiarize himself with new dogs when they join the pack. For the pups in his care, he is always on the lookout for dog behavior that might indicate a scuffle brewing and uses his learned techniques to break up any fights.  Although initially hesitant about bringing him on, his employer now feels that Mike has proven to be the right fit for the job. Mike was awarded Employee of the Year for 2021-2022 and is the company's longest-standing employee. Christy now checks in with him once or twice a month and is thrilled that her client