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The Choice Group Client Goes Above and Beyond!

Meredith, a client of The Choice Group, is truly a jack-of-all-trades. She plays soccer, basketball, and tennis, and is very active in the Special Olympics. She loves the travel involved with competing in regional and national championships. Meredith had an unforgettable experience playing a crocodile in the play Peter Pan, which she did through an art inclusion company. Meredith never ceases to amaze herself and those around her. A fiercely loyal and dedicated person, Meredith has worked for the same employer since 2006. She has become well-known at work and is enjoying being involved in the social aspects of her job. Meredith recently won the cornhole tournament at a work event where she was partnered with one of the owners of her company. Way to go, Meredith! We’re so proud of all of your hard work.

Learning to Work Through Welding

At The Choice Group, we provide individual Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLEs) to students to help them explore different work areas in their community. Experiences may include job shadowing, informational interviews, and employer and industry tours. Recently Ethan, one of our Pre-ETS students, had the opportunity to suit up and try his hand at welding at a local community college. Ethan enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to sign up for their welding training program. We are so excited that our Pre-ETS program may have helped Ethan discover his future career in welding! To learn more about our Pre-ETS program visit our website .