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The Choice Group Client Goes Above and Beyond!

Meredith, a client of The Choice Group, is truly a jack-of-all-trades. She plays soccer, basketball, and tennis, and is very active in the Special Olympics. She loves the travel involved with competing in regional and national championships. Meredith had an unforgettable experience playing a crocodile in the play Peter Pan, which she did through an art inclusion company. Meredith never ceases to amaze herself and those around her. A fiercely loyal and dedicated person, Meredith has worked for the same employer since 2006. She has become well-known at work and is enjoying being involved in the social aspects of her job. Meredith recently won the cornhole tournament at a work event where she was partnered with one of the owners of her company. Way to go, Meredith! We’re so proud of all of your hard work.

Learning to Work Through Welding

At The Choice Group, we provide individual Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLEs) to students to help them explore different work areas in their community. Experiences may include job shadowing, informational interviews, and employer and industry tours. Recently Ethan, one of our Pre-ETS students, had the opportunity to suit up and try his hand at welding at a local community college. Ethan enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to sign up for their welding training program. We are so excited that our Pre-ETS program may have helped Ethan discover his future career in welding! To learn more about our Pre-ETS program visit our website .

Rita Dee and Adele Lampley: A Perfect Career-Building

Rita Dee has been helping individuals navigate their personal and professional challenges since joining The Choice Group as a counselor in 2015. One of her clients is Adele Lampley, who has been with her current employer in the food industry for seven years, thanks in part to the support and guidance she has received from Rita. Adele has taken on more responsibility throughout her employment. She started in utilities and quickly moved to making chips, preparing taco shells, keeping the dining area clean and sanitized, and even setting up catering. The employees at Adele’s place of employment loudly greet patrons when they enter, which is a perfect fit for her personality. She loves to welcome customers and never misses the opportunity to do so. As her counselor, Rita has helped Adele navigate the challenges of her job and gain practical tools and strategies to manage the demands of her job. One such example is when she campaigned for a user-friendly timer to ensure Adele could successf

Free Tax Service Helps Save Money at Tax Time

Did you know that many Americans can keep more money at tax time by getting free tax preparation from IRS-certified volunteer preparers? The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the AARP Foundation Tax Aide programs provide free preparation from certified tax preparers using rigorous IRS preparation standards.  How to Access Free Tax Assistance Services IRS VITA and AARP Tax Aide sites operate nationwide and offer many convenient options for free tax filing, including in-person service and online, mobile, and drop-off options. IRS Certified VITA and AARP Foundation Tax-Aide preparers offer free tax help to people who need assistance, including: People who generally make $60,000 or less Persons with disabilities Limited English-speaking taxpayers People 60 years old or older Find a VITA or AARP Tax Aide site in your area Additional Resources Online resources also provide the same trusted support from IRS-certified preparers for free. lets y