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Michael Powell: One Client’s Compassion in Action

In the normally calm aisles of Harris Teeter, where everyday tasks often revolve around groceries and daily routines, one employee stood out recently for his extraordinary act of compassion and quick thinking. Meet Michael Powell, a familiar face at the Hanbury Road Harris Teeter in Chesapeake, whose passion for helping others extends beyond the supermarket shelves. Michael, a seven-year veteran of The Choice Group, brings a unique blend of dedication and community spirit to both his work at Harris Teeter and his personal pursuits. When he's not bagging groceries, collecting shopping carts, or delivering groceries to customers' vehicles, you might find him engaged in a strategic card game with friends or lending a hand at the Hickory Trading Company coffee shop. When news broke of the disappearance of 82-year-old Janice Hall , who had wandered away from a dental appointment, Michael's immediate response was to offer his assistance. Without hesitation, Michael began searchin