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Gaining confidence through workplace experience

Katherine E. has been working with Camryn Overton through our supported employment program since March of 2018. She recently helped him secure a job at Harris Teeter in August of 2020. Camryn took steps to determine which jobs to apply for including situational assessments, consideration of location and transportation, consideration of positions that allowed some scheduling flexibility, and a lot of follow up with managers. Using personal strengths such as being eager to get the job done and being friendly and helpful with customers helped Camryn gain employment. Camryn faced some obstacles — he does not like germs and has difficulty when touching things such as other’s pens, door knobs, shaking hands, etc. He also has had difficulty speaking at an audible volume. However, since starting his position, Camryn greets every customer as they enter and leave the store. Retrieving carts is the bulk of his job and he has not hesitated to touch the carts or anything else. Not only did Camryn r