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Meet Christy Stegman

  Christy Stegman Director of Community Services – NOVA Ms. Stegman has remained busy completing WISA (Work Incentives Specialist Advocate) reports remotely. She begins the process by reviewing information over the phone and then sending the documents to the clients by mail to collect signatures. The reports are then written from home. Ms. Stegman offers to schedule a time to review the report remotely with the client, however they have the option to wait until social distancing orders are over to set an appointment to meet in person.  For more information about WISA, click this link.

Going Above & Beyond: Setting Up A Virtual Meeting In Farsi

During the Coronavirus Crisis, The Choice Group continues to offer support to diverse clients in Northern Virginia. After receiving a referral for a woman in her 70’s with no work experience and limited English- speaking skills, a Choice Group manager conducted a virtual meeting in Farsi. Not only was the initial meeting conducted in Farsi, the manager also translated the paperwork into Farsi in order to better serve the client. After explaining the assessment and job development process to the client and her family, the client’s daughter wrote, ““Thank you so much for your kind attention and follow-ups. We are so blessed to have such caring with a golden heart as our counselor. My mother is so happy to find someone who speaks her language and gives her the hope she needs to continue her life. I could see the light of hope in her eyes.”