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Living and Thriving with Blindness: A Mother’s Perspective

Lizzie Colin and her mother, Irene, are the perfect pair. Lizzie is visually impaired but has never let that stop her from seeking the normalcies of life or advocating for representation. As her mother, Irene has been by Lizzie’s side every step of the way. “As a parent of a child with different needs, I have never worried about her ability to have a job and live independently. I have often worried more about other people's perceptions of her abilities – mostly because of preconceived ideas of what value a person who is blind can bring to the workforce,” said Irene. Getting through the application process and even to the interview is never a problem for Lizzie. However, it is often her white cane that gives employers pause as she walks through the door. “I believe everyone who wants to work should be afforded the opportunity. I feel the pandemic was a godsend to people with disabilities who wanted to work because it brought telework to an acceptable form of employment,” said Irene.