A Step in the Right Direction to His Dream Career!

Ian Comtois recently graduated from WWRC, the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center with certifications in the CompTiA + and Netplus programs.  He completed both certifications in the time it usually takes a student to complete just one! His dream is to become a hardware technician, but since he had no previous work experience, we decided to find an entry level position that would help him eventually reach his goal! So we set out looking for jobs where he could use his love and knowledge of computers.

Ian was able to find employment in a similar field, building his resume and gaining real world experience using his skills to benefit customers at Office Depot.  He is now in his third week of work there, training first at the register, and currently working as a Tech Consultant.  He may even get to do some computer repairs if there are extra hours available in the repair department. He is using this opportunity to learn about his strengths and abilities in a real-world work environment.

He is happy to be working and is looking forward to using this job as a foot in the door to one day fulfill his dream of being a full-time repair technician for a large corporation.  His constant catch-phrase is that he wants to be so good at his job, people say "This sounds like a job for Ian!"

Jamie Milloy
Vocational Technician


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