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Calvin is a "Model Employee" at Wintergreen Resorts!

Calvin found a wonderful job where he is happy and appreciated at Wintergreen Resort.  His direct supervisor says Calvin is a "model employee!"

5 Years Strong with The Choice Group - Anna's Success Story!

I began working with Anna in the fall of 2011.  Anna had been working at another job in retail but was not getting consistent hours so DARS agreed to refer her to The Choice Group to find another job.  Anna has several younger nieces and nephews and decided that she would like to work around children.   Anna was also active in Special Olympics so it was important for her to be able to continue participating in these activities during her free time. While looking for a job, Anna and I met several times a month to talk to employers, submit applications, and attend interviews.  Anna was always on time and followed through with everything I requested of her.  Anna is also lucky to have a great support system at home and I made sure to keep Anna’s mom updated with our progress.  Likewise, Anna’s mom would also pass along any suggestions she had or information that would help Anna be successful. In March 2012, we were able to arrange an interview at One Life Fitness in the Greenbrier

Nina's Success at MCV!

Nina's bubbly personality and people skills make her perfect in the busy MCV Hospital Environment! She loves her job as an elevator operator!

Sade Elliot Worked Hard to Get Where She Is!

Sade Elliot is a hard worker, but very shy.  She began working with The Choice Group’s Rachel McGregor in September of 2014 when she began her Project SEARCH internship at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.  She began working in the Endoscopy Department as an Anesthesia Attendant, which requires a lot of skill! Sade has always been a determined individual.  During a typical work day, she has a wide range of duties to perform.  Her tasks include anything from flipping beds and cleaning monitors to preparing the recovery area, entering patient data and assisting with paperwork.  Her managers quickly took notice of skills during her internship.  They saw that once she starts a task, she will get the job done. When her internship ended, her managers saw how valuable she was to the department and created a position just for her! In addition, she has been asked to be a mentor for other Project SEARCH interns and new employees.  When asked about her job, Sade just says that she ha

Enjoy the View!

One of our counselors caught this beautiful sunrise at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital on the way to begin Job Site Training with a client. Our ‪Vocational Counselors‬ interact with a variety of people, places, environments, job name it! It's one of the reasons this job is so rewarding. It's nice when they get to take a moment and enjoy a view like this!

Raymond's Success at RVA's own Bill's Barbecue

Find out how Raymond found success with The Choice Group by finding work at Richmond's own Bill's Barbecue

Supported Employment means Working with Employers, too!

We work with our clients as well as their employers, too. We promote inclusive atmospheres within the workplace so everyone can be happy working as a team!

Ticket to Work Virtual Job Fair

If you are ready to work, register for this Virtual Job Fair today!  Instructions on how to register and participate are below. Attend the Ticket to Work Virtual Job Fair When: August 24, 2016 The Ticket to Work program will host its next online Virtual Job Fair on August 24, 2016, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. This is a national event sponsored by Social Security. The event will connect job seekers to companies that work with the government. These companies have job openings for persons with many different skill and experience levels. They are particularly interested in hiring qualified people with disabilities. Register for the Job Fair! At the job fair, participants can communicate with job recruiters online in chat forums and by using one-on-one messages. They can also visit virtual resource booths to ask questions about job accommodations, Social Security work incentives, and legal issues that can create barriers to work for people with disabilities. You should