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Welcome to the Team!

The Choice Group welcomes our newest counselors to the team! Tricia Hall - NOVA Area Tabatha Clay - Charlottesville Area

Welcome, newest Counselors!

We'd like to welcome our two newest Choice Group team members! Claire Adams - Hampton Roads Area Evan Jang - Richmond Area

Counselor Feature: Nancy Kells McNamara

Nancy McNamara is the Lead Counselor in the Hampton Roads area and has been working at The Choice Group for over four years now.  While she says that she has had many memorable experiences during her time here, one in particular stands out in the last year.   “It was it was a great pleasure to be able to assist a client with multiple felonies who was just released from prison to get back into the workforce doing cabinetmaking which he learned while in prison by working with DARS to promote On the Job Training (OJT) for the client with an employer. I was able to get the employer to give the client a chance,  and he is now successfully in Long-Term Employment Support Services (LTESS). He recently attended a job fair via DARS for people coming out of the prison system and shared his success story and how OJT and working with DARS and The Choice Group helped him re-enter society and the workforce successfully.” She loves seeing her clients grow and succeed and seeing the pos