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Rita Dee and Adele Lampley: A Perfect Career-Building

Rita Dee has been helping individuals navigate their personal and professional challenges since joining The Choice Group as a counselor in 2015. One of her clients is Adele Lampley, who has been with her current employer in the food industry for seven years, thanks in part to the support and guidance she has received from Rita. Adele has taken on more responsibility throughout her employment. She started in utilities and quickly moved to making chips, preparing taco shells, keeping the dining area clean and sanitized, and even setting up catering. The employees at Adele’s place of employment loudly greet patrons when they enter, which is a perfect fit for her personality. She loves to welcome customers and never misses the opportunity to do so. As her counselor, Rita has helped Adele navigate the challenges of her job and gain practical tools and strategies to manage the demands of her job. One such example is when she campaigned for a user-friendly timer to ensure Adele could successf