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A Choice Group Success Story!

     There can be a variety of obstacles our clients can face when seeking employment.  They are as diverse as our clients themselves.  One of our clients in particular, Ms. Smith, has not only overcome many obstacles but some of the hardest challenges anyone can face, period.  Yet, through it all, she never stopped striving to achieve her goals.  She asked us to share her story, so anyone going through similar hardships can find encouragement.      Ms. Smith* has always been a hard worker.  Seven years ago, before developing her disability, she held two jobs.  She was a customer service representative at Greyhound and a restaurant manager, both of which required her to stand for long periods of time.  When she developed Lymphodema in her legs, she was no longer capable of standing the required amount of time during her 4 to 8-hour shifts.  Lymphodema causes fluid to build in the limbs and It became clear that she could no longer work her jobs when, during one of her shifts, she p

New Regulations for Employing People with Disabilities

     New regulations are starting to be enforced for Federal Contractors to fill their requirements for employing people with disability.  This article, published by , an HR compliance tool, outlines steps that employers can take to  comply with the new regulations. How close are you to reaching your goal for employing people with disabilities? Up until very recently, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has elected to not aggressively enforce new disability regulations under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act—giving contractors a chance to prepare for the changes in the regulations. However, at a recent meeting business roundtable, the director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Patricia Shiu, made it clear that the grace period is ending. According to Shiu, “The waiting period is over. They (federal contractors) are now expected to make an effort.” So, how close are you to reaching your goal for employing people with disabilities?

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

    With this weekend's weather report comes to mind the needs of people with disabilities in the event of inclement weather.  It usually requires a little extra planning for people who require medication or those with special equipment to consider in the event of a power outage.  This advice comes straight from the American Red Cross. Considerations for people with disabilities     Those with disabilities or other special needs often have unique needs that require more detailed planning in the event of a disaster. Consider the following actions as you prepare: • Learn what to do in case of power outages and personal injuries. Know how to connect and start a back-up power supply for essential medical equipment. • Consider getting a medical alert system that will allow you to call for help if you are immobilized in an emergency.  Most alert systems require a working phone line, so have a back-up plan, such as a cell phone or pager, if the regular landlines are disrupted.

4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Disability

We found some inspiration this week from ! 4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Disability Disabilities are tied to struggles and setbacks, sending false messages that disabled individuals are incompetent and incapable. Those struggles are real, but can be overcome by embracing your disability. That means, learning to look squarely at success as a product of struggle, which can make a significant difference in your education, career and personal life. When you love yourself, disability and all, no one can deny you your power, passion and influence. It’s all about perspective! Here are four positive products of embracing your disability. 1. You become a teacher It’s natural for people to have misconceptions of disabilities and individuals that have them.  When you embrace your disability you begin to become an expert of it.  Therefore, you can enlighten others in a way that produces awareness and breakdown myths about disabled individuals. When a person asks a

Project SEARCH in Chesapeake

One of our Project SEARCH clients was featured in this week's "Week in the 'Peake!" Congratulations on the great new job, Sean!