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Tranisha Mitchell's Success with Project SEARCH

Tranisha Mitchell started working as an Operating Room Attendant at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in August 2016.  She works in the Surgical Prep and recovery unit, in a unique position that was created exclusively for her due to her outstanding work as an intern through Project SEARCH. When she initially began Project SEARCH she had moved several times.  With every move came the difficulty of figuring out how to navigate a new local bus route.  Tranisha, an independent go-getter, wasn’t going to let navigating a bus schedule get in her way.  She adapted quickly to her new surroundings and figured out how to effectively take public transportation to the hospital. Tranisha is a top notch employee at the Hospital because she is compassionate and great with people.  She grew up helping her family members with their medical needs, so a transition to serving her community working at the Hospital felt natural.  Tranisha is not only compassionate and great with people; she is also

On-Site Job Training Chameleons!

As Vocational Counselors with The Choice Group, we provide on-the-job training and coaching services to assist individuals in meeting their employment goals in a variety of settings.  We often provide hands-on training, and we do our best to blend into each environment, so we wear the same Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, as the clients we work with to be safe on the job site. Pictured above, Rosemary wears the required uniform for working with her client at a university bakery, complete with chef’s hat, chef’s jacket, and slip resistant shoes.  Becky wears safety equipment required for working with her client at a lumber yard, complete with hard hat, ear plugs, and steel-toed boots.  We enjoy working with our clients to help them be successful in meeting their goals!

Participate in the National Beneficiary Survey!

Next Round of the National Beneficiary Survey Begins in February 2017 ( ) The Social Security Administration will launch the next round of the National Beneficiary Survey (NBS) in February 2017. The NBS is an important survey sponsored by the Social Security Administration to collect information about beneficiaries and recipients with disabilities. We need your help! If a beneficiary asks you about the NBS, please encourage them to participate in this very important survey. The NBS collects information on the programs and services used by beneficiaries and recipients with disabilities, their health, and any employment goals they may have. SSA will use this information to gain a better understanding of the characteristics of beneficiaries that are not available from our administrative records. We use the information to assess how well our programs are meeting the needs of disability beneficiaries and developing policy. The

Department of the Blind and Vision Impaired Now Open in Roanoke!

Congratulations to the City of Roanoke, on their ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of their brand new Department of the Blind and Vision Impaired offices.  Our Roanoke team looks forward to working closely with you in the future!