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Above & Beyond Their Call of Duty

There are so many talented people working at The Choice Group and each year we like to recognize those who go above and beyond their call of duty.  These are exceptional people working on teams to help bring the best service to our customers and why we've been able to grow so much over the years!  Congratulations to you all! Rising Star Award: Rebecca Allen Advocate Award: Senior Counselor John Callahan Rookie of the Year: Tiffany Brown MVP award: Shadi Zadeh Order Out of Chaos award: Lisa Marie Rock Award: Justin Sheets Go-to Award: Cate Engel Rising Star Award: Heather Gilman Team Award: NOVA Stretch Award: Caitlin Igoe Joe Edwards Leadership Award: Erica Johnson Humanitarian Award, in memory of Dottie Edward: Theresa Anderson Mary Smith Award: Pam Russel

Celebrating A Year of Success!

The Christmas Party for all of our staff members was a success!  We are so glad that all of our offices could come together and have a great time celebrating their hard work.  The Choice Group was started with just a small group of people with a vision and now we have a network of more than 100 employees who are all so amazingly dedicated to their jobs.  It was good to cut loose and watch people have fun in the selfie-corner!

Sylvia Frye: Virtual Resume

Sylvia’s virtual resume is a great example of how innovative and resourceful our counselors can be in helping clients find work they’re passionate about. Click here to find out more about Sylvia Frye, or to hire her!

Giancarlo & Advocacy for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Take a look at some of the valuable services and supports that DARS can provide for individuals with disabilities and what this has meant for a young man with autism as he has progressed through postsecondary education and  preparing for his ideal  job in the technology industry.