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“Remember, I am Superman on crutches!”

“All my life I have had to prove people wrong… but I am not easily intimidated.” Alberto Gamboa shares about the career he has built, in spite of expectations from a young age that he would not accomplish much because of his disability.  Alberto was born in Columbia with Cerebral Palsy. Doctors feared he would not live, much less lead a successful life. He defied all expectations by making a life for himself and building a meaningful career that has lasted decades.   As a teenager, Alberto came to the United States and worked his way through college as a dishwasher in Florida. He began his professional career working with the children of migrant families through the Palm Beach County School Board and received a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership.  For twenty years, Alberto worked full time in spite of the physical limitations he experienced as a result of Cerebral Palsy. He began as a community resource facilitator for migrant families and grew within the organi

Akia Is Zealous For Zoup

Mary Chris Werner began working with Akia Turner in February of 2018 and has been employed at Zoup for over a year, where her and Mary Chris feel she is a great fit. Originally Akia was looking for a stocking position but Mary Chris helped open her up to the option of working in food services. Akia is diligent, hardworking and polite to her fellow employees and the customers she serves. She has great time management skills which help her with completing daily tasks on time and her personality is perfect for customer interaction. When she first started to apply and interview for jobs she was a little quiet and shy but has truly blossomed. This was her first job, therefore, she had to overcome the obstacles many face when starting a new position or beginning their first job. In the beginning she had trouble taking initiative, but being there for a year now, she has found her voice. She has shown improvement and helps when business picks up by increasing her hours as needed. She alw