Ayeisha Johnson, A Choice Group Success Story!

     Early in Ayeisha’s life, when first beginning a new career in New York City, she had big
responsibilities.  She was in charge of the printing department at a major company, using creativity and technical know how to problem solve solutions for those within her company.  She got things

     Because of a stroke Ayeisha suffered in her twenties, she incurred a brain injury which caused Hemi-Paresis.  Hemi-Paresis left her without the use of the dominant side of her body, meaning that even simple tasks had to be re-learned.  After the brain injury, Ayeisha moved to Richmond to be closer to her family.

     When Pam first started working with Ayeisha, it seemed that office work would be her best fit
considering her previous responsibilities.  When starting employment at Feed More Inc. her
responsibilities included a lot of computer and phone work.

     “Sometimes it’s hard to place a person with a disability into clerical work, because it involves so
much, but [Ayeisha} is not afraid of a challenge,” said Pam when first trying out for the Feed More
Inc. position.  Pam recalls her demeanor completely changing as she took on more responsibilities
and learned what she could accomplish in her work.

      At first there were the simple tasks to overcome such as answering the phone while jotting down
messages.  The simple solution of a headset allowed her freedom to take notes or type on her left-
handed keyboard.  Even something as simple as an automatic stapler was a tool that helped get
Ayeisha the most out of her time and efforts.  The employer, Feed More Inc., jumped in and helped
provide equipment that would assist Ayeisha with her job tasks when they could.  Pam worked with
her on task analysis and breaking things into checklists.  Now she manages the schedule and
makes sure everyone knows what’s happening for the day at the facility.  As new tasks were
assigned, Pam helped Ayeisha break them down into easy to remember steps.  The employer
assists in continuing to present new things Ayeisha can do and, along with Pam, has been
instrumental in helping Ayeisha to expand her duties.

     A major example of how extraordinary Ayeisha is how she got her license back.
Transportation was a huge issue for her when first starting the job.  Although she would call to
arrange rides, often times the vehicle would be late.  While her employer was supportive, Ayeisha
was getting frustrated and wanted a better solution.  She petitioned for her license, saved up money
for her own car, and now she drives herself to work every day!

     A truly determined individual, Ayeisha has been with Feed More Inc. for 6 years and progressed
from a cubicle to the Front Desk.  She is and continues to be a success, pushing her own limits to
find out what she can accomplish next!


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