10 Years of Employment; A Choice Group Success Story

     This year marks the 10th anniversary of a Choice Group client at her present employer, U-Haul.
For the purpose of this story, we will call her Laura.

     Laura is in her early fifties, and while U-Haul is not her first job, it is where she’s found a home.
To mark the occasion, she is receiving a ring engraved with the words “Virtuous, Valiant, Victorious,” and in another 5 years can receive a stone to be placed in the ring.  This is a wonderful honor for
Laura and has been accomplished in a joint effort between her and her counselor at The Choice
Group, Pam.

     Pam has been involved with Laura during 10 years of her employment at U-Haul.  Having worked with The Choice Group for so long, many members of The Choice Group staff has interacted with
the client and are recipients of annual Christmas cards from Laura.  She loves staying in contact with
everyone that’s been involved with her success.

     Some of Laura’s responsibilities at the U-Haul Storage Center are cleaning out storage lockers as
they become vacant and preparing them for new customers.  She also shares in some janitorial
duties, odd jobs, and general upkeep of the grounds and facility.  Pam has worked with her over the
years as she gains new responsibilities and as a general support between Laura and her managers.
The facility has seen changes in management through her employment there and all have viewed
her as an asset to the company.  She is there through rain or shine and always asks for more hours.
Occasionally she even covers for people at other locations and enjoys her walk to work every
morning.  This job is extremely important for Laura and her family, as her monetary contribution to
the family helps keep food on the table and roof over their heads.

          We congratulate Laura in all her accomplishments and can’t wait to mark the next 5 years of
employment with a beautiful new stone in her ring!


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