Latrell Excels!

Meet Latrell, a dedicated employee at a general merchandise store in Franklin, Virginia. His counselor, Nancy, has worked with him since April of 2015 to land his current job. Now, Latrell has been with his employer for 5 years this coming May.

It wasn't easy to begin with, though. Latrell wanted a stocking type position so they targeted stores in the Franklin area that had stocking positions. There are few employers in Franklin that hire for stocking and at the time, Latrell did not drive so we were limited to Franklin only. He also had no prior work experience.

However, he got the job in the end! His duties include unloading the truck, stocking items on the store shelves, and backroom sorting. Latrell has earned several raises since he first started working there. He has also earned several bonuses.

Latrell is in follow along services, so Nancy keeps in monthly contact with him and his managers. He has become a more confident, sociable and independent person. 

Outside of work, Latrell attends church weekly and occasionally sings in his church choir. He also is a volunteer coach at Franklin High for football and track. Way to go, Latrell!


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