Chris' Soaring Success

Meet Christopher! Full-time employee at Southern Stainless in Waynesboro, pilot (yes, PILOT!), and accomplished performing musician.  In addition to flying, Chris has also designed his own airplanes. 

For a couple of years now Chris has been at Southern Stainless, a very successful fabrication and manufacturing company.  They did not hesitate to hire Chris and have been incredibly supportive the entire time he has been there.  Chris' vocational counselor, Davide, spoke to several associates there on a regular basis when Chris first started to check in and offer additional support.  They always took the time to update Davide and express how pleased they were with having Chris there.  They were professional, genuine, and always had remarkable phone etiquette.  

Chris’ main duty there is to clean the manufactured metal parts and finished pieces.  This is essentially the last step before they are shipped off to their customers.  Chris is meticulous and takes great pride in making the finished product look beautiful and to standard.  He works long hours, including overtime, but enjoys the hobbies and interests that his competitive compensation allows him pursue.  

Davide says it has been an utmost pleasure seeing Chris thrive at this job and continue to grow as a young man.  If you meet Chris’ father Norm, you would understand where he gets this exceptional personality and drive.

As people sometimes say “The sky is the limit”.  That old saying takes on new meaning as we think of Chris piloting his way through the clouds to new horizons! 


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