Diane's Home Health Journey

Meet Diane, a young woman with dreams of helping others. Diana and her counselor, Justin, sought out employment at Home Recovery Home-Aid, an at-home health service provider, and Diane has worked there for the last five months.

First, Diane and Justin worked together to identify what age group she enjoyed working with the most. They then visited several different health clinics/centers that were hiring so that she could get a better understanding about how much work and support went into taking care of people. Diane and Justin also worked together to ensure that the job was a great match with her personality, because she is very shy. They both sat down and met with people at each center and together led different conversations so that she could learn ways to communicate with others.

Her determination to do good and find meaningful employment played a huge role in her position. Diane is really dedicated to helping others and also providing meaningful long term care to others just like she did with her father when he was ill.

The biggest obstacle they ran into was her communication, because she was so shy and did not want to speak with others. Together, they traveled into the community and met with others to learn communication skills and also ways to start conversations. They also worked on ways to communicate with the clients in home, and ways to address their needs in a professional way.

Diane has been awarded with her first sign-on bonus and that was for achieving over 400 PCA hours on site with a client. She provides basic life skills to the elderly and also supports the nurse on duty with daily checks and observations when instructed by the nurse. Diane also cooks, cleans and supports the client in everyday tasks and duties in and outside of the home.

Justin continues to support Diane by providing positive feedback for all of her hard work and encouraging words to continue. He observed that Diane is no longer shy and is very bubbly and energetic when working with her patients. She has also shown improvements in the completing the assigned and supervised nursing functions, and hopes to one day soon sit for her CNA examination.

In her free time, Diane loves to help others and sing in her church choir. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Keep it up, Diane!


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