Meet Matthew!

Meet Matthew, a staff member of Aramark at James Madison University's dining hall, thanks to his hard work and the hard work of his counselor, Kortney. Kortney says Matthew's interest was primarily in customer service and working with the public. 

After assessing Matthew's skills and interests they began job development practicing interview skills and applying to jobs in Waynesboro and Harrisonburg. Due to logistical complexity with transportation and geography where he lived and attended day support, they brainstormed potential options and locations. This took a team effort with Matthew, his parents, day support, and the case manager to plan a successful placement.

Matthew has great communication skills and enjoys talking to the public. He is determined and motivated to reach personal goals. Matthew attended several interviews to practice professionalism and appropriate communication during the interview process. After constructive criticism and coaching Matthew demonstrated growth in communication and interview skills.

Matthew has improved customer service skills and communication with guests and students that resulted in positive communication and support from staff and students. He greets guests and students and swipes their student ID cards to pay for meals. Matthew communicates in a friendly and helpful manner with all students and helps ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Kortney continues to support Matthew in communication with his family, case worker and managers regarding important information about scheduling and changes. She also supports Matthew during busy times during his shift in case he needs assistance with high volumes of vouchers coming in as well as in receiving appropriate accommodations to increase his independence.

Matthew has increased confidence since beginning his job at Aramark at JMU. Matthew expresses great enjoyment working in the community and interacting with students and staff. He has expressed taking on whatever his employer needs and taking on additional shifts.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys outings in the community and helping others.


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