A “Superfly” Employee

When you walk into the Kroger in Martinsville, Virginia, there is a Courtesy Clerk who stands out in the front end.  He says hello to each customer coming and going, he is often dancing, and he always has a smile on his face.  Danny has been working for Kroger for almost 3 years and the love for his position is evident.  He puts his natural customer service skills to use during every shift while bagging groceries, retrieving merchandise, and pulling carts.  

Before working at Kroger, his work history consisted of sheltered employment working below minimum wage.  Danny worked with his Vocational Counselor, Teresa Anderson, to try different jobs to see what he felt would be a good fit.  He then worked with his job coach to complete applications and interviews, which led to being hired by this employer.  Teresa helped him learn bagging techniques and handling the multi-tasking his position involves.  Danny also learned about parking lot safety, looking both ways as he crosses the street and wearing his safety vest.  His managers and co-workers were supportive as he learned the job and have become long-term natural supports.  His hard work even earned him an award at the MADEN (Martinsville Area Disability Employment Network) Champions Event.  Customers often remark that they look for Danny when they shop in the store.  He makes everyone feel good by being kind and polite.

When you come to shop for groceries, however, you won’t find “Danny” on his nametag.  There were several other employees with this name when he started.  When asked if there were any other name he would like to be called, he responded “Superfly.”  The nickname stuck.  As a new employee, he was often quiet and timid but his job helped him increase his confidence.  Now he is often the first and last person you speak to when shopping for groceries, with a wave and a “have a good day!”  


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