Jeffrey Barksdale, his success with Nude Fude in Charlottesville

Kate Gariepy, a Vocational Counselor with The Choice Group in our Central West region, sent in a story about one of her clients to the Virginia Rehabilitation Association (VRA) newsletter, News Notes.  Her work with Jeffrey Barksdale landed him the job with his current employer, Nude Fude. Here's the article as it reads in News Notes.

A core part of our mission at Nude Fude is to foster a strong sense of community amongst our patrons and staff. To help you get to know us better, we feature one of our stalwart employees each week in a Facebook post.

No question, Jeffery Barksdale is the guy we want to represent us front-n-center. Officially, he's our dishwasher, but he's also the hardest working man at NF and the engine that allows the kitchen to hum. Quick with a joke and even faster in the dish pit, Jeff brings tremendous energy to the restaurant. Hailing from the Danville-area, Jeff used his skills developed as an Eagle Scout to great success at the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind before making his way to Charlottesville. When not slaying dishes, Jeff enjoys live music and brags about the 2 DMB shows he has notched already this year. Thanks for all that you do, and the way that you do it, Jeff!

Please check out the NewsPlex feature for October 2015 on Jeff to hear more about his story from him!


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