James Conner Enjoys Work at the Lumber Yard!

James works at North Fork Lumber in Goshen, Virginia. I started working with James in February of 2017 when he started working at North Fork Lumber.

Penni from the Department of Aging and Rehabilitation (DARS) in Fishersville was already in contact with the office manager, Paula, and the owner, Will, to set up the original interview to see if stacking lumber was the right fit for James.  After a functional interview, Will offered James a full-time position as Lumber Stacker.

The number one focus for the entire lumber yard operation is safety.  The employer wanted to know that James could focus on his job and be safe while doing it.  James is a fast learner and could identify the length and types of wood way before I could! James has a lot of energy and the ability to move quickly.  He is also motivated to earn his own paycheck and does not mind overtime at all! 

James’ job duties include stacking lumber that comes from the “green chain” by length and type, bundling the lumber when it gets to a certain height, filling out the production slip for the bundle of lumber, and cleaning up especially during downtime.

Since the beginning, James has improved his job performance in many aspects but especially his speed, strength, and stamina.  James went from not having a work history to working full time and often overtime.  He is always early to work (before 7 a.m.) and usually works a 10 or 12-hour shift.  

James is now receiving Follow Along services with The Choice Group to ensure both he and his employer are satisfied and to provide any assistance if ever needed.  I check in with James and his employer two times a month by phone and in person to make sure work is going well.

James has his driver’s license and own vehicle so he can spend time with his friends socializing and going to the movies when he isn’t at work.  

Rebecca Myers
Vocational Counselor


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