Breaking Barriers in the Hospitality Industry


Breaking Barriers in the Hospitality Industry
Our Vocational counselor, Debby Henry, works in our Northwest area and is proud to have Alexander Marschall as a client. Debby and Alex embarked on their journey together in January of 2023, when Alex began working with his current employer.

“Alex is outgoing and personable, he has such a charming personality!” said Debby. He is always willing to learn new tasks and different applications to accommodate some of his disabilities. It was evident to her that Alex's outgoing nature and adaptability would make him an excellent fit with his co-workers. So, they completed situational assessments to determine the ideal jobs for him to pursue. They focused on interview skills with DARS Placement Counselors to arm Alex with the confidence he would need to take on his first job with confidence, starting with the interview process.

Since the beginning of the year, Alex has been working as a restaurant host. He welcomes customers, finds available tables to seat customers, provides menus, and explains daily specials as he seats customers. Alex is also responsible for keeping menus up to date, rolling silverware, and ensuring the exterior glass and doors remain spotless. Initially, he was apprehensive about greeting customers and guiding them to their designated tables due to a specific greeting that was required. However, with time, he has become extremely comfortable in seating customers and is even starting to train new employees on how to manage the host station.

To prepare for his role, Debby worked with Alex on using assistive technology to use his phone to text and use applications that will read the websites for him. He learned how to use Uber for transportation and how to text his family, co-workers, and support aids. Debby supports Alex through his ongoing online training requirements. She assists him with any challenges that arise, such as reading exam questions or navigating company applications on his phone and tablet.

In his free time, Alex likes to go on outings with his group home housemates. He is also proud that he has saved enough money from his job to get his very first tattoo, a design of his creation. Alex is very artistic and loves to draw and paint.

The Choice Group team is immensely proud of you, Alex, and we’re so appreciative of all of your hard work, Debby. To discover more about our services and the incredible journeys of individuals like Alex, please visit our website.


  1. This is such a positive story, and the praise is well earned. Alex is an exceptional young man and Debby is a wonderful job coach. It is no surprise this has been a great fit. I am glad as the Placement Counselor to have played a small part in this story :)


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