Success Story!

Angela Volkening has a client that works in one of the many major grocery store chains in the Richmond area.  When she first started working with him, she said there was a lot of anxiety surrounding interviews and applying for positions in person.  However, he knew he wanted to work for a company that was supportive of people with disabilities.  Originally, he had applied for an order-filling position, however, the store needed help elsewhere and they hired him to be a bagger.  This presented a unique challenge for Angela and her client because he only has the use of one of his arms.  Figuring out how to best set up the bagging station for his needs and how to maneuver the bags were things Angela and her client worked on together when he started working in June of 2016.  Once he saw that he was able to do his job as well as the other baggers he grew in confidence and gets positive feedback from customers.  Now, over a year later, he’s doing great and enjoys his job!


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