Unleashing Potential: Drew Clemens' Rise to Success


At the core of every triumph lies a narrative of perseverance, evolution, and the steadfast guidance of committed experts. For Drew Clemens, his path to professional satisfaction has been shaped by the unwavering aid of Meredith Brickhouse, his counselor here at The Choice Group.

Since 2020, Meredith has been working closely with Drew, providing personalized support to help him thrive in his employment journey. Drew, a valued member of our program, found meaningful employment at a local hospital, where he excelled in his role as a mentor to interns. Drew's strengths have played a pivotal role in his success in his position. Known for his patience, focus, and dedication, Drew embodies the qualities of an exemplary mentor. His ability to guide and support interns through their professional development has earned him recognition and respect within the hospital community.

Since starting his position, Drew has achieved notable milestones, including being awarded Employee of the Year—a testament to his dedication and strong work ethic. His job tasks encompass a wide range of responsibilities, from mentoring interns to performing basic repairs, installing soap dispensers, checking air quality, cleaning electric outlets, and ensuring the functionality of fire extinguishers.

Meredith continues to provide ongoing support to Drew, assisting him in establishing goals for his future, including the pursuit of full-time employment. Through regular communication and personalized guidance, Meredith ensures that Drew's needs are met, allowing him to thrive in his role and pursue his professional aspirations. Under Meredith's guidance, Drew has experienced significant improvements in various aspects of his life. Notably, his confidence and social interactions have flourished, allowing him to excel in his role as a mentor to interns. His growth and development serve as a testament to the transformative power of dedicated support and empowerment.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Drew enjoys indulging in his passion for music and attending Foo Fighter concerts. With Meredith's guidance and Drew's determination, the sky's the limit for his future success.

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