Navigating Medicaid Benefits While Working - Colin’s Journey with The Choice Group

The world of employment can often bring challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining essential benefits while pursuing work opportunities. Colin's experience with The Choice Group sheds light on how dedicated support can help individuals overcome these obstacles with practical guidance and assistance.

Colin's connection with The Choice Group began in 2019, as he started his journey towards a fulfilling career with support from services provided by the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS). Amidst the intricacies of securing and maintaining employment, Colin encountered the need to navigate his Medicaid benefits while actively working—a task that can be overwhelming without proper guidance.

A crucial part of Colin's journey was working with a Benefits Counselor from The Choice Group. They helped him understand how his job wouldn't affect his Medicaid coverage, which was vital for his medical needs. As Colin moved from being a cashier to an IT apprentice and finally a Reliability Engineer, he stayed in touch with his Benefits Counselor through The Choice Group's Ticket to Work program. This ongoing support ensured Colin could navigate through the complexities of benefit programs while keeping his Medicaid coverage intact.

Colin's success story highlights how The Choice Group helps individuals like him find meaningful employment while keeping important benefits like Medicaid. The Choice Group is proud to have been part of Colin's journey and hopes his story inspires others facing similar challenges.
For more information on how The Choice Group can help navigate benefit programs while pursuing employment, visit our website.


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