Empowering Success: Richard's Journey to Employment

Dedication, perseverance, and a supportive community are at the heart of every success story. For Richard Corliss, his journey towards meaningful employment has been nothing short of remarkable, thanks to the unwavering support of Rita Dee, his dedicated counselor at The Choice Group. Corliss, a valued member of our program, found employment in the Child Nutrition Services Department of the local school system six years ago. Since 2018, Rita Dee has been by his side, guiding him through each step of his employment journey.

One of the first decisions Rita and Richard made together was pinpointing the ideal job for him. Despite having numerous options available, Richard was keenly interested in working in an elementary school cafeteria. Leveraging Richard's strengths, including his remarkable stamina and passion for food service, Rita helped him secure a position that aligned perfectly with his skills and interests.

However, like any journey, Richard's path to success wasn't without obstacles. As a highly expressive individual, he required careful placement within the school system to ensure he thrived in his role. Rita worked tirelessly, advocating for Richard and ensuring he found the right fit within the organization. Through dedication and perseverance, Richard overcame these obstacles and achieved significant milestones in his career. Recently, he was promoted to a contract position within the school system, a testament to his hard work and dedication to his role.

In his position, Richard's job tasks include various responsibilities such as food preparation, line prep, serving, dishwashing, and maintaining the three-sink system. His commitment to excellence and dedication to his role have made him an indispensable member of the Child Nutrition Services team. Despite his professional achievements, Richard's success extends beyond the workplace. Rita continues to provide ongoing support, facilitating regular communication between Richard, his manager, Ms. T, and his family. She ensures Richard's needs are anticipated and met, allowing him to thrive in his role.

Moreover, Rita has witnessed remarkable personal growth in Richard since they began working together. From learning to navigate his responsibilities within the school system to understanding the importance of his role in student success, Richard has emerged as a confident and capable individual. Outside of work, Richard enjoys participating in bowling with a local recreation center and spending time at home working on jigsaw puzzles. A self-proclaimed fanatic of game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, Richard embodies resilience and enthusiasm in all aspects of his life.

As Richard continues to excel in his career, Rita remains dedicated to supporting him every step of the way. Together, they exemplify the transformative power of empowerment and community support in helping individuals with disabilities achieve their full potential. Richard's success story inspires us all, highlighting the profound impact of determination, support, and unwavering belief in one's abilities.
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