We'll Weather the Weather, Whatever the Weather

Christian -  We'll Weather the Weather, Whatever the Weather

Christian McBee, a current high school student, has long held a fascination with the field of meteorology. Recently he was given an opportunity that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

In a virtual meeting facilitated by his counselor, Billy Kraus, Christian had the privilege of engaging with Ricky Matthews, a local meteorologist. In preparation for the meeting, Christian carefully prepared a set of questions, which he eagerly posed to Ricky. In return, Ricky provided Christian and Billy a virtual tour of the news station, giving a glimpse into their data collection equipment, including their weather radar. Ricky then showed Christian how he uses the data that they collect to make the infographics they use on air.

The meeting proved to be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. As his time with WBLE drew to a close, Christian found himself drawn to meteorology so much that he is now exploring the prospect of pursuing meteorology as an academic path. It sounds like this was one life-changing experience!


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