Cristian found his home in Home Goods

Cristian and his vocational counselor, Mara, began working with each other earlier this year. Just a few short months after beginning their search for employment together, the two found Christian his current position at Home Goods in Arlington where he has been since May 2019. 

Mara describes Cristian as being very creative and friendly, with a positive outlook on life and an infectious sense of humor. In the beginning, Cristian showed an interest in art, graphic design and writing, so the two started with stores that had to do with those interests. 

When Mara first met Cristian, he had recently graduated from the Arlington Career Center. Cristian had completed some internships through school, but had never landed a competitive, independent position. Initially, he was very nervous about the whole idea surrounding employment. He was nervous about making employer calls, and going in to follow-up on applications really made him anxious. Although, every time they worked together Cristian's confidence grew and his willingness to talk with others grew as well. He expanded his list of places where he was willing to work and soon Cristian got called back for a few interviews. After two interviews at other employers, he interviewed at Home Goods. The third interview was the charm and Cristian was offered the job where he currently works today. 

His responsibilities include keeping the store aisles tidy, stocking products, greeting and helping customers, taking down rugs for customers, retrieving carts and being helpful to all of the customers and his co-workers. Cristian has received rave reviews from his three supervisors for his great attitude, great customer service and perfect attendance. Although he has not received any work related honors yet, Mara is confident he will receive some soon with his hard work and positive attitude. 

Cristian stays in touch with Mara via email to let her know how his shifts go and communicates with his supervisors on things he needs to improve and focus on, and Mara checks with the employer periodically.

Cristian says that he enjoys drawing in order to release his creativity with artwork. Mara says that Cristian has a great sense of humble humor that is very fun to be around. "He is a gentle soul with a lot of creativity and kindness. His employers have recognized this strength and really have embraced him as part of the team" she says. In his free time, Cristian loves to draw, watch anime and spend time with his family and dog. Keep up the great work, Cristian, and thank you for submitting this client success story, Mara! 


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