Kristin Is Keen On Her New Job

Kristin Is Keen On Her New Job

Kristin and Nancy began working together in June of 2018. Together they then found her a job at a local Pizza Hut in September of that year. Kristin was interested in customer service, food service or animal care so finding the position at Pizza Hut was a great fit. There are limited employers in her area so they looked at the few employers that were in her area and also branched out to Smithfield. Smithfield is the closest town with employers and that is where she found the job. 
Kristin is very friendly and easy going so it is easy for her to get along with everyone. Kristin is highly motivated to learn new things, which has paid off in her job as a crew member. She was hired as a Customer Service Representative, but now also serves customers and runs the register. 
Upon trying to place her in a job in her area, Nancy and Kristin faced a couple of other obstacles. Kristin relies on her mom to transport her at this time and has had a very limited work history. In the past, Kristin has had difficulty maintaining employment and finding a supportive employer. She found the perfect fit in Pizza Hut, and her manager Sonja has taken Kristin under her wing and given her a lot of opportunities to learn new things. Kristin is flourishing there and loves her job. Her manager always gives her great reviews when Nancy asks her to complete an evaluation form and is proud of the work she is doing. 
Kristin’s duties include, serving customers and taking orders in the dining room and also on the phone or assisting customers when they stop by for takeout. She also cleans and busses tables, washes dishes, takes down the salad bar, does some food prep, and restocks the buffet. Kristin is also responsible for running the register and cleaning the bathrooms, along with mopping.
Kristin receives follow along services; therefore, Nancy stops by monthly to check in on her and talk with her manager to ensure she is completing all her assigned tasks. Kristin has gained more confidence in herself and her abilities upon finding the position at Pizza Hut and has been able to save money towards purchasing a car. She says she is a much happier person having this job and a place to go regularly where people enjoy her company and good work.
In her free time, Kristin has her own beading business and goes to vendor shows to sell her work. Overall, Kristin is doing great in her current position along with running her beading business!


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