Meredith Shines at Virginia Diner

Meredith started working with her vocational counselor, Nancy, in 2012, to acquire assistance in job placement. Meredith lives in Wakefield, Virginia, which posed problems because of its rural nature and lack of job opportunity. She also didn't have access to a car and needed a job within walking distance-- and she found just that.

Virginia Diner is a long-standing old-fashioned diner in Wakefield, and it happens to be Meredith's great-grandaddy's. She had her heart set on employment there. It was perfect; she walks to and from work, and her mother works close by and can check up on her. Meredith currently works there as a busser-- her job includes cleaning tables, restocking items, and making sure the restaurant runs smoothly.

Nancy says, "[Meredith] loves her job and enjoys making her own money. Meredith loves to stay busy." In fact, she excels at her job, earning Employee of the Month in January 2015 and she received a gift card as a reward. Nancy also notices improvement, stating, "Meredith has improved with staying focused on her job duties. It has made [her] a more confidence and independent person."

In her free time, Meredith participates in the Special Olympics, playing goalie and captain in soccer, co-captain and shooting guard in basketball, and plays partners and singles in tennis. She has won gold medals! She also assists teachers at a local preschool and babysits her two nephews. Way to go, Meredith!


  1. Way to go meredith I k how I always miss working with you and miss tht beautiful smile. Miss you boo!! Angie Tilley


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