Leon Loves His Job

Leon Loves His Job

Leon Turner and his vocational counselor, Nancy, began working together in July 2017. Together they found his current position at Hardees in September 2017, and he has now been working there for almost two years. Prior to Leon finding his current employer, he lived in an area that offered few opportunities in cleaning, where he had prior experience. With limited transportation, Leon needed to walk or bike to work, which then sparked his interest in working in food service. As they spoke with employers to identify job opportunities, Nancy and Leon found that the local Hardee's in Waverly was hiring!

Leon was offered the job at Hardee's and accepted. His current duties include trash removal, mopping, sweeping, cleaning the parking lot, as well as preparing and cooking all of the food for the line. Leon cooks chicken, chicken tenders, string beans, mashed potatoes, and chicken gravy. He is extremely productive and personable. Everyone at Hardee's always comments on how hard working he is and how much they love him, which makes him such a great fit for the job.

Nancy has noticed that since Leon began working at Hardee's, his self-confidence has improved greatly. She says that, "Leon used to feel hesitant to try new things and felt unsure of his abilities, but he now knows that he is able to tackle new things." Leon is a much happier person since he has been employed, has more financial stability and enjoys working with others as a team.

Nancy checks in with Leon as needed, stopping by the restaurant and following up with his manager. She contacts Leon to ensure that everything is going well, that all of his tasks are being completed and that he continues to succeed in his current position.

When he is not hard at work, Leon loves to ride his bike and spend time with his friends. Keep up the great work, Leon and thank you Nancy for submitting this great story on your client!


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