Nathan Finds Work at a Local Brewery

Nathan Finds Work at a Local Brewery

Nathan and his vocational counselor, Justin, began working together in April of this year. Nathan has currently been employed in his position for two months. Before finding Nathan work with his current employer, Justin and Nathan met weekly to determine the field in which Nathan would like to find employment. Together, they then completed several situational assessments to determine the best fit for Nathan. Nathan and Justin came to the realization that Nathan liked working in a warehouse environment, so they completed an application for Three Notch'd Brewery, and the client received and accepted the job offer.

Initially, Nathan had to overcome some obstacles like working on his pace at the job, multi-tasking, as well as working on communication. Although, this wasn't an issue for long, he is a very hardworking and determined person so he was able to quickly improve on his speed, communication and multi-tasking. Nathan is responsible for packaging 6, 12 and 24 packs, along with palletizing the finished product and multi-tasking between loading the empty cans, bottle tops, and packaging.

Justin continues to support Nathan with his employment by motivating him to try new things and to also try new ways to increase his speed on the job. He also continues to support him by communicating with Nathan and his managers to ensure that Nathan knows his managers also support him.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, going on walks and watching television. Keep up the hard work, Nathan, and thank you to Justin for sharing this client success story!


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