Anthony and His Accomplishments

Anthony and His Accomplishments

Anthony Lane was one of Nancy McNamara’s first clients upon starting her employment with The Choice Group almost sixyears ago. Anthony was transferred to Nancy while receivingfollow-along services from Ericka Neville, her manager at The Choice Group. Anthony and Nancy have been working together since April of 2013 after Ericka found him a job working at a local Walmart. Anthony interviewed at the Walmart in Franklin and was hired immediately. They loved how friendly and personable Anthony was and found him to be a perfect fit for their store! Anthony is very easy-going and always focused on the task at hand. He looks for additional work after he completes each task because he likes to stay ahead of the game. Anthony’s coworkers often comment on how reliable and helpful he is. He works well with others on his team and is always there to lend a helping hand. Anthony does what is expected of him and his managers speak very highly of him. Nancy monitors Anthony’s work stability and assists him with negotiating his schedule when needed.
Anthony has successfully maintained his position at Walmart for almost six years now and has received the Associate of the Month recognition on two occasions. Along with being awarded Associate of the Month he has also received an award and plaque for his hard work. Anthony has been recognized for assisting his coworkers by helping customers carry merchandise to their cars on multiple occasions even though this is not in his job description.
Anthony stated that he used to be depressed because he felt like he could not do things when he attended Paul D Camp because classwork was difficult for him, but now knows that he can be successful at what he does.
Anthony is a Maintenance Associate and is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the sales floor, taking out the trash both inside and outside, and occasionally assisting customers. Whatever the task assigned, Anthony completes it with a smile and determination to meet his employer’s requests. Anthony is in follow-along services and Nancy continues to check in with him and his managers monthly to ensure he continues to succeed.
Anthony has grown in his current role by being able to advocate for himself and go to management to address concerns or needs on his own. Anthony has improved his social skills and his ability to feel comfortable interacting with others working at Walmart and plans to continue working there.
In his free time Anthony enjoys building different vehicles out of Legos as well as playing online games such as Destiny. He enjoys going on walks when he has the time and likes to be outdoors.


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