Now Hiring!

The Choice Group is now hiring for two positions! Join our hardworking and dedicated team in a rewarding job that assists people with disabilities in finding meaningful work throughout Virginia.

Workplace Assistants 
Would you be interested in helping someone be successful at their job? Do you know someone who is good with people and would like to provide some extra support to someone with a disability who is working? There is a new Medicaid Waiver service called “Workplace Assistance” that does just that. Workplace Assistance is for individuals with a disability who are working, who need more than typical job coaching services to maintain their job.  Services would include providing supports related to non-work skills needed for the individual to maintain their employment, supports to make and strengthen community connections, and/or safety supports to ensure the individual is healthy and safe at work.  The Workplace Assistant will be working directly with the Vocational Counselor and the individual to ensure the individual receives the support they need.

Human Resources Manager
The Choice Group seeks a highly competent Human Resources professional with a passion for people and an entrepreneurial spirit to establish an internal Human Resources office at our administrative headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The ideal candidate will have an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and build relationships with our talented staff, encompassing up to 100 professionals supporting opportunity and dignity through employment for individuals with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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