Celebrating Our Dedicated Staff!

There is no doubt about it, the team we have at The Choice Group works hard all year round!  With over 100 counselors and supporting staff throughout Virginia, you couldn't find a more dedicated crew to finding and retaining employment for people with disabilities.  That being said, we like to recognize those who continually give their best throughout the year!

Richmond Region

DaVonne Garner wins Rookie of the Year!

Angela Volkening (left) wins Employee of the Year for Richmond Region and Amy Wells (right) wins the Stretch Award!

Hampton Roads Region

In order from left to right: Amorita Clark wins the Advocate Award, Katherine Edwards is recognized with the Helping Hands Award, Ericka Neville (Manager), Rachel McGregor wins Employee of the Year for Hampton Roads, Robin Metcalf (President).

Central West/Charlottesville Region

In no particular order: Buddy Blatz, Carolyn Nicholson, Cherelle Grady, Heather Gilman, Kate Gaiepy, Michelle Gagnon, Romanayah Opincar, Tiffany Taylor, David Terrell, Dawn Scott (Manager), Chris Lavach (Vice President).  All team members were recognized for their ability to go beyond the call of duty for leadership and for growth!

Northwest Team

Rosemary Louk wins the Star Performer Award!


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