Make Your Next Event Accessible for Everyone

There are lots of ways that people can raise awareness about accessibility for people with disabilities, with the Spring season about to come into full swing, the best way for you to do it is at your next event!  In Richmond we love our festivals and events, so here are some tips on how to make your next event accessible for everyone.

Just like any other attendee, those with mobility devices such as a wheelchair or scooter need to access all areas of the venue.  This includes concessions, restroom facilities and the main event!  Ask the venue for their guide for the accessible traveller and encourage tips and photos in any event literature to ensure participants know what to expect.

Make sure your event website is accessible.  Have options for registration and ticketing for those with disabilities.  The Web Accessibility Initiative is a good resource for design inclusive information. 

Transportation to and from the event.  Consider any linking accessible shuttles for transportation to the event with convenient locations and clearly signed zones.  Note drivers and staff that are trained to operate lifts and assist people who are deaf, hearing impaired, blind or have low vision.

Utilize technology to ensure full participation.  Things such as real-time captioning or making assistive listening systems available will help those with hearing impairments.  Using Braille on navigation signs, or using large text for printed items can help those who are blind or have low vision.  

Quick Checklist:
-Provide information in advance for those who must plan their participation in the event.
-Train staff to use proper language.  No one wants to be labeled, using person first language recognizes the person and not the disability.

-Always ask permission before interacting with service animals. 

Having festivals and events are a great way to bring people together that have similar interests but different perspectives.  Make sure your event is accessible to all who want to attend!


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