Engineering at Home: Create Solutions for Everyday Tasks

     There's the saying that necessity is the mother of all invention.  In Cindy's case, just like so many others with a physical disability, this could not be more true.  Her experience led to the creation of Engineering at Home with the help of the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusets.  She has created a number of solutions to meet lots of everyday needs of people with disabilities through creative and easy adaptations.  Some of her DIY engineerings include custom tools for grasping, pinching, lifting, buttoning, pouring, eating, you name it!

Engineering at Home Hopes to Help People with Disabilities Create Their Own Custom Tools

A new website has been setup to help people with disabilities create tools that will improve their daily lives. Engineering at Home is a resource that was inspired by a woman named Cindy who lost her legs and some fingers on her hands due to amputations necessitated by a terrible reaction to medication given to her post cardiac infarct. Having suffered through such a terrible event, Cindy, an unlikely engineer, began building simple tools that help her overcome everyday challenges.

Two faculty professors and some of their students at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, MA were inspired by Cindy’s story. They were impressed by her approach, the way she saw challenges and noticed simple and easy-to-build solutions that have helped her lead a normal life. The Olin College team decided to build on Cindy’s work and make it accessible to others around the world living through similar challenges.

The Engineering at Home website now host a couple dozen “adaptations,” clever applications of common products, that Cindy has created on her own. These are meant to be copied by others for their and to serve as inspiration for building tools that serve disabled people’s unique needs.

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