Monday, November 11, 2019

Ethan's Employment

Ethan and his Vocational Counselor Nancy McNamara began working together in late 2015. Ethan showed a great interest in working in the food service industry, but he did not have a work history and lives in a rural area with limited employers. Ethan has difficulty answering questions and articulating his abilities in an interview, so Nancy advocated for working interviews. The Owner at Don Pancho's Cantina in Franklin determined Ethan would be an asset to them and decided to give him a chance.

Ethan does well in his job because he is friendly and hardworking. Management always makes note of how much the customers love Ethan. They also can always depend on Ethan coming to work on time with a great attitude. His current tasks are to buss tables, clean the parking lot, and host. Hosting includes greeting and seating people and giving them menus, bringing them chips, salsa and silverware.

Nancy maintains monthly communication with the Managers and Owner of Don Pancho's, as well as with Ethan and his mom, to ensure everything is going well at work. Nancy, his Managers and his family have seen that Ethan has become a much more sociable and responsible person since he began work. He is currently working to save money to go on train trips which he enjoys.

In his free time, Ethan goes on train trips and participates regularly in the Special Olympics in bowling and swimming. His employer sponsors him every year in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge! He also enjoys going to the Tides baseball games.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Trivette's Sweet Success

Trivette and her Vocational Counselor Nancy McNamara began working together in the summer of 2015.  Trivette was interested in a position in the food industry.  Although Trivette did not have any prior work experience, and lived in a rural area with limited employment options, they were able to find her a job as Lobby Attendant at the local Dairy Queen, where she started in September of that year and is still working there four years later.  Nancy describes Trivette as hardworking, responsible and reliable, three qualities in demand by employers.  

Trivette works hard and always strives to do her best, which had helped her to excel in her position. She recently received a raise and promotion to Food Prep Worker, where she is doing an amazing job.  Instead of cleaning the lobby, restrooms and parking lot, and interacting in a welcoming and positive way with guests, she is now responsible for food prep for salads and sandwiches.  When not involved in her primary functions, she continues to take care of trash removal and refilling the ice.  She is a busy employee!

"Trivette has grown a lot since she started working. She has matured and become a more responsible person and has also grown socially. She is less shy and more able to communicate effectively" says Nancy.  Trivette also is now able to contribute financially to bills in her home, including food and her cell phone.  Nancy has noticed that Trivette appears to be much happier now that she is employed and part of a team at work.  Nancy continues to support Trivette by communicating regularly with her, her aunt and her managers.  If Trivette needs support, Nancy helps her problem solve and understand expectations at work. 

In her free time, Trivette enjoys attending church, going out to eat, and shopping.  She especially enjoys spending time with her godbrother, taking him to the park and playing games with him.