Jason's Success Story

Jason Massenburg

Jason and I have worked together for a little over 4 years now. He was assigned to me under situational assessments and did so well at an Office Assistant assessment he was hired on the spot at Home Sweet Home Care in Smithfield. He has been working there for about 4 years. The owner, Shirley McGee, and staff at Home Sweet Home Care are incredibly supportive of Jason and always look out for him. The owner and staff say they love Jason and that he is a joy to have in their office.

Jason uses a wheelchair and has left side paralysis so he was initially referred for situational assessments to see what his employment strengths and likes were.  After learning about Jason’s preferences, we did one prior assessment trying silverware rolling, but due to his hand strength and left side paralysis, it was not a good fit. Next, we tried the Office Assistant assessment at Home Sweet Home Care. He did terrifically and the owner was impressed with Jason and with supported employment and offered him a job on the spot. 

Jason assembles informational packets, places stickers on pill packets, stamps and addresses envelopes, and does other tasks as needed. He is personable and friendly and always ready to help the office staff out. Jason says this job has helped him learn how to socialize. He also says the job has given him a purpose and that he feels needed and makes a positive contribution helping others. Jason also says he is a much happier person since he has been employed.

Jason is now receiving Follow Along services and  I check in with him and his employer once monthly by phone or in person to make sure he continues to do well. I have never received anything but positive feedback on Jason from the owner and his coworkers.

Jason spends time with his family in his free time and enjoys watching comedy TV shows and movies.

Nancy McNamara
Vocational Counselor


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