Summer Pre-Employment Transition Program

Pre-Employment Transitions

  1. Took place over the summer.

  2. Christy Stegman and Cate Engel were the people in charge. 

  3. There was a total of three groups, two groups worked at a national pharmacy and the other group worked at a coffee shop.

  4. This was unpaid training opportunities. 

  5. This was also in person and not virtual. 

  6. Program ended in August.

  7. It's important to celebrate students with disabilities and help them develop career pathways. 

Summer Pre-Employment Transition Program

At The Choice Group, we strive to help our clients find meaningful employment that integrates into a full and enriching lifestyle for them. We believe that no matter the obstacles one may face, they deserve to be presented with equal opportunity, recognized, and celebrated. One of the ways we have been able to go above and beyond for our clients to meet these markers over the past 17 years is through our Pre-Employment Transition services. We partner with DARS and participate in award-winning programs to help shape, motivate, and better prepare students with disabilities for their own career pathways.


Our clients get real world exposure and practice in desired industries to determine the best fit for them. We achieve this through our after school programs (where they are introduced to various fields of interest) as well as group and individual workplace experience and readiness opportunities. Our counselors and supporting staff are able to walk through workplace scenarios and oversee duties while creating a comfortable environment for the students.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a shift in the workforce to mainly virtual, we were still able to provide an in-person workplace shadowing and training opportunity to three groups of our clients this past summer. Christy Stegman and Cate Engel took charge and led our students through working at either a national pharmacy or a coffee shop. Our clients were set up for success thanks to the combination of interacting with customers in real time and getting personal hands-on training. This is especially helpful when it comes to moving to the integration and onboarding process.

We continue to be dedicated to finding and facilitating more opportunities like these that set our clients up for a successful professional future. We advocate for clients through active memberships in renowned organizations, as well as other individualized efforts, on an ongoing basis. Visit for more.


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